H3 Concepts Doubles Down on Giving Back to Community

​The fourth quarter is a busy time of year for many firms, including H3 Concepts. Not only are team members preparing for end-of-year business, they’re also planning their holiday efforts to give back to their community.

“We try to engage in philanthropic activities all year,” stated H3 Concepts’ CEO. “The period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s tends to drive additional needs. Therefore, we’re coordinating as a team to identify which causes are most in need of our support.”

As the CEO stated, H3 Concepts does maintain a year-round effort to volunteer and support various charities in the Houston region. “The holidays are often when most people think about giving back, so we try to incorporate that extra boost in giving into our charitable campaigns.”

Examples of great holiday campaigns the CEO suggested included the omnipresent gift and toy drives, as well as food drives. “No one wants to think of someone going without a delicious meal on Thanksgiving or Christmas,” she said. “No one wants to think of a child with nothing under the tree.”

However, as the CEO noted, there are also creative ways to help spread holiday cheer for those who want to make a difference beyond the traditionally noted routes. “Consider others that might not have anyone this time of year,” she suggested. “Nursing homes and VA hospitals are filled with people who have no one to visit them. Perhaps do a gift drive for them or host a holiday party at which your team volunteers.”

H3 Concepts CEO Describes Best Practices for Philanthropy

As the H3 Concepts CEO noted, philanthropic activities should come from the heart of the team. “This requires engaging them in the process,” she stated. “You want your team to be excited about what they’re doing to help the community, not feel as though it’s a drudgery.”

As she suggested, team members should be invited to provide input into the decision-making aspects of philanthropic giving. “Consider the causes that are important to them,” she stated. “This can often spur more enthusiasm if they know their time and energy is being used toward something for which they are passionate.”

Innovative ways to give back should be encouraged as well. “We often vet charities, then involve our team in determining how to support the organization,” the CEO stated. “We set goals like we would for any campaign. This way, we’re ensuring a viable outcome.”

“Each effort you make toward giving back to your community is one that shows your gratitude for the support your neighbors provide to your business,” the CEO concluded. “We’re proud that our H3 Concepts team can make a difference.”

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