H3 Concepts' Leader Extols the Value of Attending Conferences

Several members of the H3 Concepts team are packing their bags and preparing to attend the Dallas conference. The interactive marketing firm’s leadership praises the event’s value as it positively impacts their work.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our team, which is why we’re bringing so many people this time,” stated Laura, H3 Concepts’ Director of Operations. “We have a group of 11 who will be traveling to Dallas. For nine of them, this is their first time participating in the conference. Two others will be attending for a second time and reconnecting with their networks while refreshing their knowledge.”

Laura stated that she looks forward to observing how the nine first-time attendees respond to this event. “Our H3 Concepts team is tight and so this will be a chance for them to bond even further as they discover so many new techniques,” she said. “There really is a bit of magic that happens when you experience something together for the first time.”

As Laura shared, she’s already seen a profound difference in the two team members who attended a prior event. “The first time that Michael attended a conference, when he came back, it was like night and day,” she said. “He was so motivated. It was great for him to be around everyone and see the big picture.”

The primary reason Laura is eager to send associates to these conferences is the level of inspiration. “The biggest thing they learn is work ethic,” she explained. “Michael celebrates every day. He’s been a team player from day one, but after this conference, his energy really shows.”

“Kevin is another recent addition who has also showed his chops,” Laura added. “He’s always the first one in and the last one out. He has an extremely well-rounded personality that allows him to lead his large team.”

H3 Concepts Leader Describes the Format of the Conferences

According to Laura, there are two key components to the conferences that benefit the H3 Concepts team: knowledge and networking. “Every conference has wisdom to impart, from the keynote speakers to the new techniques demonstrated,” she said. “We’re always learning the latest methods for connecting with consumers. The innovation is amazing.”

“Networking is another plus for our associates,” Laura added. “I’ve watched them build their professional networks meeting and speaking with industry leaders, as well as colleagues from other regions.”

Laura concluded, “Before long, this conference will be over. However, the lessons we learn and the energy will keep on giving. This isn’t an expense. It’s an investment in our business future.”

About H3 Concepts:

H3 Concepts, Inc. specializes in crafting memorable dynamic promotions that generate lasting growth. The firm’s expertly- trained brand ambassadors apply the latest research methods to reach targeted audiences and leave customers wanting more. By doing so, they accelerate market share growth for the brands they represent. By emphasizing interactive marketing the firm’s associates maximize the power of engaging consumer experiences to forge meaningful relationships with brands. As a result, H3 Concepts, Inc. has solidified its reputation as a dependable industry leader. The firm is poised to expand into major new markets. For more information, visit H3Concepts-Inc.com.

Source: H3Concepts-Inc.com.