H3 Concepts Team Attends National Conference

Representatives from H3 Concepts recently attended a national quarterly conference. The company's Director of Operations discussed the event and the wide-ranging benefits of team travel.

​One of the many ways H3 Concepts’ leaders prepare their associates for lasting success is by sending them to industry events of all types. Several of the firm’s high achievers ventured out to a national quarterly conference at the end of July, and they returned to the office with an array of valuable insights. “There were a lot of influential people from our industry at the conference,” said Laura, the Director of Operations. “Our associates got the chance to rub elbows with them while discussing the latest technologies and emerging marketing techniques.”

Along with new knowledge, H3 Concepts team members were also able to return home with helpful new contacts. The Director remarked, “We train H3 Concepts associates to make positive impressions on every potential contact they meet. This becomes especially important at a crowded event like the national conference, because we want to impress as many accomplished people as possible. The connections our people forge at gatherings like this one often lead to unexpected opportunities for our firm, and that’s good news for us and for those behind the brands we represent.”

Laura and the rest of the H3 Concepts leadership group stress professional development and career advancement. That’s why they incentivize travel events of all varieties, including conferences. The Director explained, “Each individual who qualifies for a particular trip has to meet sales goals and help reach office objectives. We were able to send 10 high achievers to this latest conference, and I hope we will be even better represented at the next one.”

H3 Concepts’ Director of Operations Outlines the Benefits of Team Travel

There are further benefits beyond the networking potential and educational value that industry conferences offer to professionals. Laura remarked, “It’s great that our people can foster beneficial relationships and learn new tactics at industry events, but they also get to know each other better on a personal level. Our H3 Concepts associates always seem to come back to the office with more appreciation for their colleagues’ talents and personality traits. That leads to real boosts in morale and stronger collaboration.”

The Director also likes the fact that travel has a way of broadening horizons. She stated, “I think our associates gain fresh perspectives on their work and daily lives when they get away for a while. It’s amazing what putting some miles between yourself and your regular routine can do for your outlook on things. I find that our people seem more engaged and confident when they get back from a business trip, and we will continue looking for unique new travel opportunities.”

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