H3 Concepts Emphasizes Offering Careers to Recent Graduates

The team at H3 Concepts is currently in the middle of a significant recruitment initiative. Laura, the firm's president, indicated that they're focused largely on recent college graduates.

For the marketing and consulting services firm, adding energetic young perspectives to their team is a core part of how they achieve maximum creativity and innovation. This is significantly motivated by the company’s strategic focus on diversity. According to Laura, by ensuring that they have a heterogeneous team, they can guarantee the best quality results for the brands they promote.

“So many organizations look for people who fit their molds,” she explained. “While we want people who will feel comfortable here, we also want to break the mold a little. We want to find the candidates who will introduce new perspectives and challenge the rest of us. To accomplish this, we frequently look to younger prospective workers.”

The H3 Concepts team is seeking passionate young people to join its team. Laura stated that their primary deciding factor is attitude rather than experience or skillset. Her reasoning for this is that the firm’s training program is capable of teaching almost any skill to anyone. However, they are not able to make someone more enthusiastic.

“We have developed a truly world-class training program,” Laura said. “It uses a coach-focused style that ensures that every new member of our team will rapidly be caught up to our procedures and techniques. Furthermore, we train everyone on our team continuously in a variety of different topics. Of course, we can’t teach anyone to want to learn. That’s a prerequisite.”

H3 Concepts’ President Discusses College Graduate Recruitment

Laura believes that not only do college graduates make good fits for H3 Concepts, but also that her company is good for recent graduates. She indicated that a major goal for many graduates is to gain experience. H3 Concepts offers this along with their comprehensive training that can truly set up a career.

“Our combination of training and advancement mean that our team members are prepared for a long and lucrative career,” Laura added. “We also help our team members with personal branding. This helps us establish our team’s expertise while setting them up for success.”

She further pointed out that the coaching system represents a lasting relationship that guides new team members towards success. “When you join H3 Concepts, you will have the support you need to reach your goals,” she continued. “Part of our mission is to empower the recent graduates in our area to succeed.”

About H3 Concepts 

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