H3 Concepts Emphasizes Personal Marketing in the Digital Age

The H3 Concepts leadership team prioritizes soft skills and communication training as part of its professional development approach. The firm's director shared the benefit of face-to-face promotions.

“I’m not interested in being the same person next year that I am now. I think it’s important to continually improve myself and my abilities,” shared H3 Concepts’ director of operations. “I apply this same mentality to running a business. In my opinion, companies are either growing or they’re falling behind. There is no in-between.”

With this in mind, H3 Concepts’ director is proud of the investment that is made into training at the firm. New recruits are immediately paired with experienced professionals; this gives green marketers a chance to gain practical knowledge from veteran promoters, and lets practiced colleagues view their work with fresh, enthusiastic perspectives.

Beyond one-to-one connections, H3 Concepts leaders also provide more formal training opportunities. Classroom-style seminars, both in-office and at weekend retreats, support the culture of continuous learning on which the director depends. “Relying on yesterday’s knowledge is no way to ensure relevance tomorrow. We must continually learn and grow, both as individuals and an organization.”

While industry-specific knowledge is obviously required for success, it’s the soft skills and communication abilities that make all the difference, according to the director. The ability to present a likeable, approachable persona to potential customers is how H3 Concepts’ marketers create emotional connections for the brands they represent, thus boosting both awareness and profitability. “If you represent a great business or product, but have a hard time communicating, your results are only going to be so good. Knowing how to interact and connect is vital in our industry.”

H3 Concepts’ Director Shares the Benefits of Face-to-Face Marketing

In this modern digital age, it’s easy to believe that face-to-face interactions have lost their value. Between the ubiquitous nature of communication devices and the speed with which a trend can start and grow on social media, how relevant are experiential promotions? To answer that, the director of H3 Concepts points to the basic need of all people to interact.

“Human beings are social creatures. No matter the technology we have available to us, that fact doesn’t change,” the director shared. “There are multiple layers of communication that take place when two or more people physically interact with one another, and these can’t be replaced with text or even video. It’s highly reassuring to shake someone’s hand, or to touch, smell, and taste a product alongside someone else. It provides a sense of community that can’t be obtained any other way.”

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