H3 Concepts Offers Opportunities to Travel and Grow

H3 Concepts' president, Laura H., will be taking seven hardworking individuals to attend the national conference this month. She discussed some details of the trip as well as the benefits of travel.

“Every time we attend a conference or other educational event, the H3 Concepts team comes away more focused, inspired, and innovative than ever,” said Laura. “When it comes to deciding who attends these functions, I’m highly selective: I want to make sure the people I invite have met office goals and helped others in the process. Among other things, it’s an extraordinary way to recognize and reward them for their diligence.”

Laura pointed out that conference attendees aren’t the only ones who benefit from the trips. When participants return to the H3 Concepts headquarters, they generously share their new knowledge, connections, and enthusiasm with their colleagues. “These occasions always have a lot to offer in terms of networking and updated best practices,” she stated. “I’m sure the industry conference later this month will be no different.”

H3 Concepts President Highlights the Positive Impact of Travel

“The benefits of attending industry events are invaluable,” Laura continued. “However, there are also numerous positive outcomes gained from visiting exciting new places. The fact that we get to travel to these functions so frequently makes the experiences substantially richer.”

According to Laura, it’s incredibly important to explore different regions, because doing so allows people to open their minds and interact with different ways of life. “When I travel, I make a point to try local cuisine and visit historical landmarks, for instance,” she indicated. “I encourage my colleagues at H3 Concepts to do the same when they’re on the road.”

The organization’s president also explained that travel provides ideal opportunities to disconnect from the daily chaos of life and relax. It’s imperative to revitalize both physically and mentally by letting go of life’s usual demands for a while. Furthermore, travel tends to add to resourcefulness – the process of navigating and adapting to new surroundings sharpens the ability to handle challenges back at the office.

“Finally, when we travel we don’t usually do so alone,” Laura concluded. “The entire experience provides an exceptional opportunity to bond with one another and make memories together. This is true for anyone, obviously, whether they travel with fellow professionals or loved ones. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you shared something meaningful with others, and that further solidifies relationships with them.”

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